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AEON will kickstart its digital journey by introducing

  • myAEON2go is an exciting online service from AEON. This service allows you to order a wide range of products from the comfort of your own home, and have them delivered directly to your door at a time that suits you. We offer you the best price just like in stores and many promotions so that the major benefits of shopping in Aeon are available to everyone by accessing to the Internet.

    If you forget your password, you can reset it by using the ‘forgot your password’ button on the sign in page. Follow the link and enter your email address. We will send you an email with a link to reset your password. Then, simply enter a new password and reconfirm it to complete the password change.

    You can choose from thousands of products, ranging from fresh foods, frozen products, drinks, as well as health & beauty and home essentials.

    You don’t have to register if you’re just browsing our website, but if you want to shop with us you will need to register. It’s very important to register with us to make sure we deliver to your area. It also allows us to show you the right products and delivery information.

  • Step 1: Key in the postal code number
    Step 2: Select your desired item
    Step 3: Key in your personal details
    Step 4: Key in your delivery details
    Step 5: Make the payment for the products
    Step 6: You will receive an Order Confirmation number and a copy of confirmation email
    Step 7: Wait for item to be delivered / Collect at Store

    Once you have completed your shopping and have all the items you want to purchase in your trolley, you will need to select a delivery slot (if you haven’t already reserved one earlier in your shipping trip), and then complete checkout steps to confirm your order and select your payment details.

    Yes, you can select the "Collect at Store" option.

    Unfortunately, you are not able to earn points with your AEON Member Plus card at this moment. The feature may be added in the future.

    We accept all MasterCard and Visa for both Credit and Debit Cards, and e-Wallet (Grab Pay, Boost, and Touch & Go.)

    AEON vouchers for payment for online purchases is not accepted at the moment. The feature may be added in the future.

    Yes, an order confirmation email will be sent. You will also receive a text message after you have successfully placed and paid for your order.

    Please check whether you have entered a correct email address.

    If the email address provided is correct, please check your spam/trash folders to see if the confirmation email is there. If you are unable to find the email in your inbox or spam/trash folder, please contact our careline at 1300 80 2366 or email to our for assistance.

    If the email address provided is incorrect, please contact our careline at 1300 80 2366 or email to our for assistance.

  • Delivery services are available every day, 7 days per week. The delivery service has limited slots. So, please place your order well in advance to guarantee the slot you desire. You can place your order up to 5 days in advance.

    You may access to our platform to see your delivery status. Please go to My Account > Order History. Tracking information and delivery details are also included in your delivery confirmation email.

    1. AEON Rider: The delivery date will follow your selected estimated delivery duration during placement of order. Our rider will contact you on the same day of the delivery for the arrangement (if required).

    2. 3rd Party Logistic Partners: Our delivery partner will contact you on the same day of the delivery for the arrangement (if required).

    Standard delivery charge is applicable for goods not exceeding the capacity of a single delivery motorbike rider (62 liters) per order and the delivery is within 10km radius of the selected store. If an order exceeds the delivery capacity, additional delivery charges may apply at AEON's discretion.

    Please call our careline at 1300 80 2366 or email to our for assistance. Please provide your Order Confirmation Number that you received through email for our verification.

    Kindly take note that all pictures of the items are for reference and illustration purposes only. There might be visual differences at your end.

  • Items are classified as exchangeable or non-exchangeable. Please refer to our Exchange & Refund Policy listed at our online page.

    Refund is not allowed. Only exchange is allowed within 3 days from the date of order received. Please refer to our Exchange & Refund Policy.

    The exchange reason is stated in our Exchange & Refund Policy listed at our Website.

  • No, you cannot cancel the order. Change of Mind is not applicable for any exchange or refund. As stated in our Exchange & Refund Policy, only the conditions below are permitted for exchange (subject to our verification)

    a) Wrong Item(s) was delivered;
    b) Item(s) different from the agreed description/not as advertised;
    c) Item(s) with physical damage;
    d) faulty/defective Item(s);
    e) Counterfeit/Fake Item(s); or
    f) Such other circumstances which may be prescribed by us from time to time.

    No, cancellation when shipment is in transit is not allowed. Change of Mind is not accepted based on our Exchange & Refund Policy.

    No, cancellation during or after delivery is not allowed. Please refer to our Exchange & Refund Policy.

  • Please call our careline at 1300 80 2366 or email to our for assistance to request for an exchange. Alternatively, you may refer to our Exchange & Refund Policy for more information.

    Your request will only be processed after AEON has received the followings: -
    a) The duly filled up Online/Physical Exchange/Refund Form
    b) Photos of the relevant Item(s) and the freebies/accessories;
    c) Photos of the delivery box/parcel; and
    d) Copy of the AEON Online Payment Confirmation email.
    *Buyer shall ensure the quality of the photos must be clear.

    Please email all the above documents to our We will review each of your request on a case to case basis and will determine, in our sole discretion, whether such request is accepted for the exchange.

    The exchange will be processed once the request and relevant information has been received from you and a quality check has been completed on the returned item(s) that you have dropped to the same store that you have ordered from.

    Exchange Accepted: Upon acceptance of the request for exchange, we will exchange the same item with same value subject always to stock availability. If the stock is not available, we will proceed with refund. It will take approximately 2-3 weeks, depending on the relevant bank.

    Payment Method: (Master/Visa) Credit Card & Debit Card
    Refund Method: (Master/Visa) Credit Card & Debit Card
    AEON processing Time: 5 to 7 working days
    Bank processing time frame: 7 to 14 working days

    For any payment made using the MasterCard/Visa Credit Card/Debit Card, the refund will be made to the same Credit Card/Debit Card that you used for such purchase. The above is only the standard processing time, however the number of days for the refund process will vary according to the respective bank’s processing time. You may contact the relevant bank for more information.

    Exchange Rejected: You need to pick up the item from the same store which you have returned if the item is in our possession.

    Please proceed to the same store that you have ordered the items from. Exchange at a different store, mall or directly to the merchant is strictly not allowed.

    Pick up service is not provided. Please walk in to the same store that you have ordered the items from.

    Please proceed to AEON Information counter for the exchange of the item.

    If the item is a product, you need to return the item physically to the same AEON Shopping Mall as per your order within five (5) calendar days from the date your request has been accepted and confirmed by AEON. For example,

    You placed the order via myAEON2go Platform and selected AEON Mall Bukit Tinggi

    You should return the exchange item to AEON Mall Bukit Tinggi.

    In the event you fail to return the Item within the above stipulated timeline, your approved exchange request will be automatically cancelled. No further exchange request will be accepted after that.

    Your request for exchange may have been rejected, among others, if the item(s) did not meet the requirements stated in our Exchange & Refund Policy.

Group Order

  • Group Ordering lets you shop with friends. When it’s time to stock up, take the guesswork out of getting what everyone wants. Starting a Group Order? Give it a name, invite friends, and check out when you’re done! Invited to a Group Order? put in your name and start shopping by selecting the items you want to add to the group cart. When you’re done, just click ‘finish shopping’ to let the owner know you’re done. It’s that easy!

    Yes! You can start more than one Group Order and participate in more than one at a time, too. Simply click on the name of the Group Order in your cart and switch to under which group order you want to shop.

    The owner, or the person who started the Group Order, is the one who checks out. They pay for the whole order, but we do keep track of each individual order under the Group Order to avail you an easier time splitting the bill later.

    Yes, even though different people are contributing, the order all goes to the same place, the delivery address as keyed in by the owner of the Group Order.

    This function is not available at this point of time. Personal carts can never be shared, and we cannot transfer a shopping cart over at this moment. When you start or join a Group Order, it always starts out fresh.

  • You can invite anyone to your Group Order. myAEON2go account is not required for your friends to shop under your Group Order. Simply send the unique link to as many as 30 people with a computer, phone, or tablet. They can explore the site or app and add items to your cart (remember, only you can check out!).

    As the owner of the cart, only you can check out. We keep track of your shoppers’ orders, so that splitting the bill later is easier.

    As the owner, you have total control over any item that your shoppers have added. You can adjust their quantities and/or remove any items before check out.

    You can’t remove them, but you can remove the items they’ve added before you check out.

    Deleting your Group Order will remove all the items added by you and by others. No one will be able to access this Group Order once you have deleted it. To delete your order, go to the relevant page and select the red colour delete button.

  • Welcome to Group Ordering at myAEON2go. Clearly, you know some great people. Your friend started an order and he/she has invited you to shop together. You may check the name of the order chosen by your friend and any description they left for guidelines about what to add (for example, "Groceries for the week" or "Birthday party" can tell you if they need paper towels or party napkins.) Use the link they sent to browse the site and start adding items to the Group Order. When you’re done, just select "Finish Shopping" from the Details page to alert the owner that you’re done.

    Only the person who started the cart can check out. You should let them know when you’re finished shopping. We keep track of everyone’s order so you can easily split the bill on your own.

    Only the owner of the cart has total control of the Group Order. We aim to give the owner a true idea of what each person wants because in the end, it’s the owner who chooses which items they are willing to pay for.

    ‘Finish shopping’ will let the owner know you’re, well, finished shopping. This notifies them that you’re done so they can go ahead and place their order. That said, if you want to change something after you’ve hit the ‘finish shopping’ button and they have yet to place the order, you can choose to continue shopping with that order and/or change something in your order by clicking on the name of the Group Order.

    ‘Leave order,’ on the other hand, is permanent and you cannot rejoin the order once you have selected this option. Leaving an order will remove you from that particular Group Order, remove any items you added to the group cart, and you will not be notified about the order again.

    When you’re shopping under someone’s Group Order, you will see what they see. If the owner of the cart is shopping in a different region than you usually do, they might see a slightly different selection of products. Don’t worry, when you switch back to your personal cart, your product selection will go back to the region you are under.

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